Release Notes

Lead Front-end Engineer

Compiled release notes from Github pull requests into a single document for product owners


Team Lead

Helps teams get more done faster with time-saving agile automations, fewer meetings, and more visibility in GitHub


Team Lead

Design and explore a VR Patio space from your phone


Senior Front-end Engineer

Build Strategic Roadmaps. Deliver Better Products, Projects, and Services

Patio Builder

UI Developer

Design and explore a VR patio space with an immersive in-store experience

Endless Aisle

Full-stack Engineer

Enabling customers in your stores to virtually browse or order a wide range of products


Front-end Engineer

Using your unique characteristics, design and customize a hockey stick meant for you


Lead Front-end Engineer

Aids you in picking the right heroes to build a balanced Dota 2 team


Front-end Engineer

Plan, pick and purchase your fishing gear using an interactive guide


Open-source FE Engineer

A community of people who help each other get better at software development


Senior Front-end Engineer

An Independent Railway Services Contractor that specializes in signal support services and comprehensive signal installations


Front-end Engineer

Develop and export games to a multiple game engines using a refined and expandable front-end